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Chantal Ughi Fights for WPMO Women's Muay thai Championship for Tiger Muay thai @ King's Cup celebration, Bnagkok, Thailand Dec 4-6 TMT: How does it feel as a women in Thailand training at TMT and fighting for the World Title at the most prestigious Muay The event in the...
Published on Sun 16th Nov, 2008
TMT: This is your third trip to Tiger Muay Thai, what keeps bringing you back to our facility to train? Damo: Well for a start the weather over here really beats Ireland!lol...Seriously I keep coming back cause I love the facility.  The trainers are fantastic and my time...
Published on Fri 3rd Oct, 2008
This is an interview TMT conducted with 6-time UFC veteran MMA fighter Alan "The Talent" Belcher of REMIX MMA from Biloxi, Mississippi, USA. Alan, 12-5 in MMA, has spent the last month training Muay Thai and MMA @ TMT to prepare for his upcoming fight with Ed Herrman. TMT: You...
Published on Sun 31st Aug, 2008
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