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Tony’s Hotel Accommodation Type: Standard

Affordable rooms just a few minutes walk from Tiger

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Tony’s Hotel are located in the Chalong district of Phuket, Thailand just a 10 minute walk to Tiger Muay Thai.

The hotel offers affordable rooms with one or two beds, television, air condition, WIFI, refrigerator, personal bathroom and shower, and a large closet.

All rooms in Tony’s Hotel have Pool Access.

Room Rates (1 month = 30 days) Day Week 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months
All year around 1,000 THB 6,500 THB 16,000 THB 32,000 THB 48,000 THB

Wanna stay in Tony's Hotelwhile training at Tiger?

Then please book and pre-pay for your accommodation today!

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