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Motorbike Rental in Phuket - TKO Car & Bike


TKO Car & Bike is Phuket Islands premier car and motorbike rental company!

Having years of experience in Phuket renting and selling cars and motorbikes we decided to partner up with Thailands NO. 1 MuayThai camp for foreigners, Tiger Muay Thai and MMA training camp, Phuket, Thailand.

Our office is located inside Tiger Muay Thai's main office

  • TKO Car & Bike has:
  • Cars
  • Motorbikes: Both Automatic and Semi-automatic scooters
  • Mountain bikes

Why choose TKO for your Motorbike or Car rental? Is it because we have the coolest name and logo of ANY car and motorbike rental company? No.

  • You should choose TKO Car & Bike
  • Because we are FULLY INSURED to rent to our customers.
  • We have Foreign and Thai staff that will treat you with respect and take care of any problems you may have with our services
  • We will replace your bike if you have any problems with it
  • There is a reason that Thailands largest MuayThai and MMA training camp gave TKO Car & Bike the SOLE rights to distribution of rental cars, motorbikes and mountain bikes out of its facilities.
  • We didnt just show up thinking it would be a neat idea to open a rental company in Phuket. We have years of experience here!

Whether you are in Phuket to train Muay Thai, to get in shape, or to party your way from the Beach to bangla road we have all your transportation needs covered at TKO car & bike To make your holiday better and give you the opportunity to see the island at your own pace.

Thank You.

TKO staff. =)

To contact TKO Car and Bike please call:

Either Robin: +66(0)88 116 8066 or Tukata (inside TMT office): +66(0)89 726 0777

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