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Not many people know about the sport of Chessboxing, which is gaining ground especially in Europe. The likes of rap group the Wu-Tang Clan, as well as several comic books have put Chessboxing at the forefront. Still, it's not like there is a specially outfitted gym just for...
Published on Wed 30th Jan, 2013
Tiger Muay Thai wants to see you sporting your favorite Tiger gear, in your favorite places. To do so, we will be holding a contest for the best Photo of you and your Tiger gear. The rules are simple. Instagram a photo showing any Tiger Muay Thai clothing or training...
Published on Sun 27th Jan, 2013
It's booming at the moment at Tiger Muay Thai & MMA Training Camp Phuket, Thailand, with several fighters coming through to polish up their fight game. One of which is multiple-time guest Joe Ray, who just arrived earlier this week and will be training with professional fighters...
Published on Wed 23rd Jan, 2013
It started in the double garage of a friend's house. Professional boxer Gwayne Grech, 25, and MMA fighter Jason Michael Culverwell, 26, started out training like many others - when someone pushed them into it. "When I was younger I didn't think of doing (MMA) as a...
Published on Tue 15th Jan, 2013
Sports, even ones that includes hand-to-hand combat, provide an escape route for those who have nowhere to go. This is the journey of one man, from gang life to prison and addiction, and how it led to his salvation in becoming a Muay Thai champion with a promising MMA...
Published on Sat 12th Jan, 2013
With the 2013 National Rugby League season only months away, and with just two weeks of...
Published on Wed 9th Jan, 2013
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